best intensive driving courses

Best intensive driving courses

Many people are so looking forward to learn how to drive that they cannot stand the idea of having to attend a driving course that lasts several weeks or even months. This urge has led to the introduction of intensive driving courses. However, since these types of courses generally last only a week or two, […]

driving in hot weather conditions

Driving in the summer or driving in hot weather

As the summer months have now arrived, one of the main concerns for drivers is having to drive in the stifling weather and high temperatures. Even with the car’s air conditioner running, it is still not that pleasant to drive in hot weather. You need to understand that your car will also be subjected to […]

theory test tips

Tips to consider when taking your Theory Test

Part of your theory test is identifying hazards on a simulated driving environment. During the test you’ll use your mouse to signal your response to hazards. This part of the test can be a tricky task for some Learner and it’s important to understand how to score above the 44 out of 75 required to […]

under 17 driving lessons

Benefits of taking under 17 driving lessons

Nowadays teens want to begin driving as soon as they are legally able to; however parents are often sprouting grey hairs just at the thought of their child behind the wheel. It is true that studies show the brain doesn’t fully mature until a person is twenty-five, making it a good argument that a teen […]

fitting in driving lessons with your busy schedule

How to fit driving lessons around your work/ school/ learning schedule

Learning to drive is both exciting and scary for people of any age and is something that shouldn’t be rushed into. While someone may need only a few lessons before they’re ready to take their test, others may need many lessons to get them more comfortable and familiar with everything. Fortunately taking lessons that are […]

best first cars to buy

Best first cars to buy once you pass your driving test.

Passing your driving test is one of the most exciting experiences in a person’s life. It’s as if that newly licensed driver has now joined an elite club of individuals with the freedom and skills to go anywhere and do anything they want. Unfortunately, while having that license does give someone that freedom, the realities […]

driving abroad

Driving Abroad?

Spring is here and if you are thinking about going on your travels or possibly a move away from the UK then we have some handy tips on driving abroad below. Driving abroad is a great way to explore away from the normal tourist attractions and see the real country for what it is and […]

driving school milton keynes

What Does Driving Lessons Actually Teach You?

Many people try to save money by learning to drive from one of their relatives or friends. But if you choose to be taught by a friend, you may not be able to learn the proper skills that are required to pass your driving test and get the driving license. Taking your driving lessons at […]

motorway speed limit

UK Speed limit On Motorways?

The national speed limit for UK motorways is 70 mph. Despite that, many drivers manage to break the speed limit and exceed 80 mph without getting caught. New drivers who just passed their driving test are advised not to drive on motorways. This is because when driving on motorways, you must make adjustments to your […]